Bray's Lake Guide Service

Targeting Bass, and Catfish on Multiple Oklahoma Lakes


Bray’s Lake Guide service was founded in the spring of 2011 to enable us to share with
others our love of fishing. It also gives us the opportunity to be outdoors with individuals who
share in the same desire to take in what God’s beautiful creation has to offer. Not only do we
endeavor to share our love of the outdoors, but our faith in our Heavenly Father and our
patriotism to our country are of utmost importance as well. We have been blessed to live in one
of the most beautiful and pristine areas of all of Oklahoma. It is our desire to share the beauty of
our area with you on your next adventure in Southeast Oklahoma.

Our licensed guides each have more than 30 years of fishing experience in streams,
rivers, and various lakes. We will always do our very best to make sure that you have a
wonderful, and fun time during your time on the water with us. Bray’s Lake Guide Service is a
Christian owned family business, thus we strictly adhere to the game and fish laws of our state
and we restrict any and all alcoholic beverages and illegal drug use on our boats. We strive to
give our customers a safe, exciting, and fun filled experience in a family atmosphere, where
children and adults of all ages will always be a welcomed part of our fishing family. While we
may not always be able to guarantee you a boat load of fish, we will guarantee you and your
family a boat load of fun!

We strongly believe in safekeeping and preserving our fisheries for the many generations
to come after us. On trophy Catfish trips we practice catch, photo, and release, (Catfish CPR), of
all Blue and Flathead catfish over 15lbs that are caught in our waters. However you are
welcomed to keep all smaller fish caught up to the legal limit as stated in the Oklahoma Game

Fish cleaning service is available to you at no extra cost; just let us know in advance.

Group trips are available.

Contact us today to book your customized fishing trip with one of our guides.

Thanks again for choosing Bray’s Lake Guide Service

God Bless and tight lines!